Buy 20ft Flat Rack Container Best 20ft

Buy 20ft Flat Rack Container

20ft Flat Rack Container

20ft Flat Rack container for sale

Buy  20ft Flat Rack container is used to transport bulky oversized cargo. Flat Racks are shipping containers without sidewalls or a roof. The cargo is fixed and lashed on the flat racks with belts and chains to ensure safe transit. Trident both leases and sells 20-foot Flat Rack containers. We have both used and new containers.

Buy 20ft Flat Rack Container

Buy 20ft Flat Rack Container

20ft Flat racks are ideal for shipping oversized items and are designed for cost-effective transport

  • Vehicles
  • Heavy machinery
  • Large industrial parts
  • Construction materials
  • Piping


Buy 20ft Flat Rack containers

20ft Flat Rack containers

Flat Rack Details

This 20ft used flat rack container is available for sale and delivery UK-wide.

Buy 20ft flat rack shipping containers Available in 20ft and 40ft flat rack containers are ideal for large and heavy loads which cannot be loaded into a conventional container. There are no sides at all on a flat rack container and the ends can be either fixed or collapsible.

Buy 20ft Flat Rack Container

The benefit of the collapsible design is that empty containers can be stacked to take up less space.

The unit includes lashing rings in the side rails, floors and corner posts to allow the cargo to be secured and tied down. Units are available with and without forklift pockets.

20ft Flat Rack containers and 20ft collapsible flat containers

Our 20ft Flat Rack containers are the so-called 20ft Collapsible Flat containers. These containers have vertical foldable walls. This way, the containers can be used in a flexible manner. The 20ft Collapsible Flat container is provided with a wooden floor.

20ft Flat Rack Container

New and used 20-foot Flat Rack containers

Trident Container B.V. leases and sells 20ft Flat Rack containers. We can also rent Flat Rack containers. Trident has a wide network of depot facilities in all the main ports in Europe and strategic locations in Asia and the South Pacific to ensure that customers can pick up and redeliver containers with maximum flexibility and promptly.


  • No sidewalls
  • Lashing rings for securing the load
  • Plated for shipping and stacking when loaded (refer to plat for full details)


  • Ideal for large, heavy, or unusual loads
  • Popular for re-use as bridges and platforms

Buy 20ft Flat Rack Container

20′ Flat Rack container dimensions

The 20ftFlat Rack containers have these dimensions and weight:

Certification:                  ISO, CSC
Sizes:                Length x Width x Height in mm.
External:                 6,058×2,438×2,591
Internal:                  5,612×2,438×2,221

Capacity:      CBM for the 20ft Flat Rack containers:
Volume:        m3
Weight:        2,740 kg
Max payload:    31,260 kg
Max total weight:      34,000 kg

Product accessories

20ft Flat Rack Container

Accessories to include in your order

Miscellaneous Container Accessories


Gateway flat racks are available in a number of configurations, including

Buy 20ft Flat Rack Container

  1. Flat fixed end – provides additional load security for items such as pipes.
  2. Flat collapsible – designed to provide the same as above – the ends can be collapsed to allow easy stacking for transport of multiple empty units saving in transport costs.
  3. Flush folding flat – incorporate the advantages of both 1 & 2 – the end walls collapse into the frame allowing for large machinery and other bulky material to be loaded directly over the collapsed ends – designed for over dimensional loads.

Buy 20ft Flat Rack Container

Creative uses of Flat Rack containers include portable bridges for work sites, rural properties and in public spaces recovering from flooding or fire

20 Foot Flat Rack Container

Flat rack containers are engineered to address highly specialized shipping changes. Our 20 FT flat rack
flat racks offer the ultimate in-platform capacity. Eith panels at either end but no side walls, 40-foot flat rack shipping
containers are primarily used to transport oversized cargo such as vehicles and machinery. Loading is accomplished from the top or
from the sides. Flat rack containers can also be used as temporary bridges at construction sites or on farms or other facilities.
The collapsible ends fold flush into the top of the platform, making flat racks easy to stack when not in use.

20ft Flat Rack Container

Flat racks are available in 20ft and 40ft lengths and have either fixed-ends or collapsible ends. Flat racks are ideal for
shipping or hauling oversized items such as vehicles or heavy machinery.

20 Foot Collapsible End Flat Rack Container:

20′ collapsible-end flat rack containers address many specialized shipping challenges and can be employed in a variety of
ways. With panels at either end but no sidewalls, 20 FT collapsible end flat rack shipping containers are mainly used to
transport oversized loads or special-project cargo. Loading can be accomplished from the top or from the side. The sturdy steel
platform also makes 20-foot collapsible-end flat rack containers useful as temporary bridges to span ditches or creeks. When not
in use, the collapsible ends fold flush into the base for ease of stacking and storage.

Buy 20ft Flat Rack Container

Buy 20ft Flat Rack container

You can order your containers from Long Beach Off-Coast Port at any time of the day or night. This process is entirely digital with an easy check-out process. So easy, you can complete your order in only a few minutes.

Long Beach Off-Coast Port offers several shipping options. If you select one of the delivery options, your container will be delivered to your location within the delivery window you’ve selected after the order payment date.

For those that need their containers quicker, select the pick-up option and you can pick up your container the following business day after placing your order. If you choose the pick-up option, you can pick up your container the following business day after placing your order.

Buy 20ft Flat Rack Container

Although we like digital efficiency, we will always stay human. This means you can easily call, e-mail or chat with us through our U.S.-located customer service department. Long Beach Off-Coast Port delivers shipping containers quickly and at the fairest price online – exactly what you need. And our fully digital operation is far more sustainable than other businesses.

20′ Flat Rack Container

Businesses that heavily rely on transportation processes like import and export can be very pricey due to shipment expenses like containers. If you would like to cut the costs without hurting the hard-earned trust of your customers, you should check our 20’ used flat rack shipping containers. Used containers are just the same as brand new ones:

They get the job done! Yet they are much more budget friendly, so they can be very helpful in cutting the costs of business operations.  we offer used 20ft flat rack shipping containers in mint condition. With our extensive knowledge regarding the container business, we purchase used containers from vendors and take care of their maintenance needs. Then we offer these used shipping containers to our customers in competitive prices

. Used containers can have minimal dents or small company logos on their surface, but their structural integrity is always intact. In fact, our used flat rack shipping containers are so durable and reliable that we offer 5 years structural and 1-year wind and watertight warranty. Moreover, we have a 30-day money-back policy in order to make sure that you are satisfied with our used 20ft flat rack containers.

Ft Door
Ft Door
Type of
of container
20’ Flat Rack
2560 5935 2398 2327 27030 Side or Top

Buy 20ft Flat Rack container

Long Beach Off-Coast Port warranty.
Each storage container is durable, secure, and weatherproof. The Warranty Coverage Period for New ISO shipping containers is ten years from the date of purchase from Long Beach Off-Coast Port. The Warranty Coverage Period for Used Cargo Worthy ISO shipping containers is five years from the date of purchase from Long Beach Off-Coast Port. A leak-proof unit guarantee included.

During the warranty period, Long Beach Off-Coast Port will repair, using new or refurbished replacement parts, or replace units or parts of a container at no charge. The container must prove defective because of improper material or workmanship, under normal use and maintenance.

Long Beach Off-Coast Port Delivery services
Long Beach Off-Coast Port transforms an essential service into the customer experience with on-demand storage unit delivery services for customers. We need to know things like door direction, site contact, and that you have enough space for the truck to deliver the container safely.

Customers have scheduled deliveries to ensure consistency. At Long Beach Off-Coast Port, we have a dedicated team that helps our customers to plan better and operate smarter. Emergency transportation services are available. Reduce your overall logistics costs and request our 3 – 7-day truck and trailer delivery move.

We believe in providing up-front and transparent pricing to our customers.

Buy 20ft Flat Rack container

From site offices, first aid rooms, portable accommodation, kitchens, lunchrooms, and switch rooms; to storage containers, dangerous goods containers, training containers and ablution blocks. Whatever your work site or property requires, Port can modify a container to perfectly match your needs.

Buy 20ft Flat Rack container

How to Buy a Shipping Container:

Pick-up: 2-3 Business Days
Delivery: 4-7 Business Days

After you order, we’ll be in touch within one business day to confirm your order and coordinate the logistics. To ensure everyone’s safety, only customers with the proper equipment should select intermodal depot pick-up (please allow 2-3 business days for release information). Delivery is optional and calculated at checkout by zip code.  Contact us with any questions, we’re always happy to help.

Selecting the right container & buying containers online

Browse the website for new and used containers that meet your requirements. If you are unsure please contact our container sales team for advice and information.  buy your container online. Select your container and accessories and follow the simple checkout process.

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