New 20ft Reefer Container

20 ft Reefer Container

The 20ft High Cube Reefer Container is equipped with a cooling unit to control the temperature in the container, suited for transporting delicate goods that require a fixed temperature, such as medicine or foodstuffs.

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Buy 20ft  Reefer Container

20 Foot Refrigerated Containers

designs and manufactures a large selection of self-contained and shore-powered 20ft reefer container which have been tested and proven effective for repeated military deployments in the harshest of environments.



For export use, these containers can come pre-set and even pre-chilled / heated to your required temperature and humidity setting. All containers come with a minimum 6 month CSC plate allowing you to export the container with major shipping lines and an industry-standard PTI check for the engine (meaning the engine had been checked over by a qualified engineer before it leaves our depot and is deemed to be running well with no apparent potential failures).


20ft refrigerated shipping containers

For site storage use these used 20ft refrigerated shipping containers offer excellent value as a walk-in fridge, freezers or ambient temperature-controlled stores. We will typically insist on installing (commissioning) the container as well as offering potentially required conversion options to bring it up to standard for your use (e.g.


walk-in freezers may require man trap alarms by law, you may wish for lights with shielded cabling to allow you or your staff to see properly, but also suitably installed to allow you to jet wash the container clean when required, you may wish to have thermal curtains installed to help efficiency and depending on your specific use other suggestions may be made). We can also offer cosmetic improvements such as a basic re-paint or operational additional such as a plate floor to allow forklifts to operate inside with ease.

The 20′  refrigerated shipping container is also commonly known as a reefer container.  built with stainless steel exterior that protects against corrosion and a hybrid aluminum & stainless steel interior that is food grade and easy to clean. Our 20ft high cube reefer containers are fully insulated and include the latest in refrigeration

 new built container features

 refrigerated containers come with the following features:

  • A standard T-section aluminium floor
  • Refrigeration system integrated into the front wall of the container
  • High grade stainless steel interior
  • Either a muffler grade stainless steel or aluminium sheet exterior wall construction.

Most have forklift pockets for ease of handling.

All containers undergo an electrical inspection prior to being delivered to customers for operational use.
We can also provide a re-certification service so that used containers can be CSC Plated to allow for coastal and international shipping.

20ft H-C refrigerated shipping containers

20ft Refrigerated cargo container, designed for heavy refrigerated cargo or where the 20ft size type better suits the reefer operation.

As these are highly specialised pieces of kit, please contact us first to have a brief chat about your specific requirements and we will be able to arrange for a complete quote and offer our advice on the suitability or any required conversion options to ensure you get the best use from one of these units.

Buy 20ft High Cube Reefer Container

Also worth noting, whilst there is currently a worldwide shortage of used 20ft refrigerated containers, there are plenty of 40ft used refrigerated containers in the marketplace. A used 40ft refrigerated container (basic unit only) may come in as little as 10% more than a 20ft high cube container, so if you have the stuff to fill a 40ft container it may well save you a few thousand pounds over 2 separate 20ft high cube units.


The advantages of a 20ft High Cube Reefer Container

  • Wind and water proof;
  • Suited for Transport;
  • 30cm higher than standard containers;
  • Lowest energy consumption;
  • Lowest nett weight;
  • Lowest noise factor;
  • Superior operator interface and advanced humidity management;
  • 5 Pins reefer plug(16Amp);
  • Temperature range: from -25°Cel to +25°Cel;
  • Fully checked and free delivered onto truck on our depots.
  • Containers are thoroughly checked before delivery and all of them carry a valid CSC date – which meet the international quality standards for your safety;
  • Containers can be delivered worldwide.



20ft High Cube Reefer Container

External measurements
Length: 6060 mm
Width: 2440 mm
Height: 2890 mm
Internal measurements
Length: 5380 mm
Width: 2280 mm
Height: 2541 mm
Width: 2280 mm
Height: 2520 mm
Tare weight: 2980 kg
Payload in kg: 27430 kg
Grossweight in: 30480 kg
Cubic capacity (in m³): 28,4 m³


  • High Payload
  • Strengthened box design to reduce damage and operating costs
  • High Grade ‘T’ Floor material Aluminium 6082 T6
  • MGSS* underfloor
  • MGSS* sill design
  • Unique door sill design provides low air leakage (2m3/hr) for improved energy efficiency
  • Low heat leakage
  • ATO-DLO** certification for flower bulb transportation
  • USDA*** certification for in-transit cold treatment
*MGSS – Muffler Grade Stainless Steel
*** USDA – United States Department of Agriculture

Working with Cambridge Refrigeration Technology

Also available in High Cube dimensions for sale or hire.

20ft High Cube Reefer Container


6,058 mm
2,438 mm
2,591 mm
5,454 mm
2,284 mm
2,263 mm
Door Opening
2,290 mm
Door Opening
2,291 mm
Cargo Access
2,220 mm
28.2 m3

Heat Leakage

Heat Leakage

ISO Code


Weights (with Carrier PrimeLINE machinery)

Maximum Gross
30,480 kgs
Weight (excluding machinery)
2,500 kgs
Weight (including Machinery)
2,880 kgs
27,600 kgs

Weights (with Carrier ThinLINE machinery)

high cube Refrigerated containers can hold temperatures from -35C to +30C and are food-grade, with easy-to-clean interiors. They are essential in the storage and transportation of foods and other temperature-sensitive materials. Like all other shipping and storage containers, the door handles allow for the installation of a padlock for additional security and the white painted exterior allows it to blend into surroundings and keep internal temperatures low.

Buy 20ft High Cube Reefer Container


Buy 20ft high cube refrigerated shipping containers UK


  • New 40’ HC ISO Reefer container body
  • Stainless steel (MGSS) outer cladding
  • 4 Automatic floor drains, self-closing (2 front and 2 rear)
  • Fully insulated with poly urethane
  • Stainless steel interior walls, food grade

Additional Features Included


  • Panic Alarm with exterior siren and strobe light
  • Interior aluminum scuff liner
  • Aluminum flat floor
  • Heavy duty sliding door curtain to help maintain temperature
  • Safety door, can be opened from inside
  • Interior lighting plus light switch

Machinery Specifications

  • Thermo King Magnum Plus refrigeration unit
  • Digital scroll compressor with aluminized coating
  • 460 volts, 3 phase
  • 30 amps circuit requirement
  • Temperature range: -40C to +30C
  • Refrigerant: R452A
  • 50ft. power cable


  • Warranty included with all new reefer containers directly from Thermo King through their extensive nationwide dealer network
  • Reefer warranty attached

Reefer Container,


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